• 2 Million USD
    Market Cap
  • 1 Million USD
    24 Hour Volume
  • 2,231,775
    Active Traders
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Daily Rewards

BTCE self mining protocol rewards users every 12 hours for holding their tokens.

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Weekly Rewards

Increased rewards with increased holding time.

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Monthly Rewards

HUGE rewards for those who hold BTCE tokens for a month.

About Us

Our Smart Contract Address: 0x1df15952D496e742c2AFF05275268559505dEDB1

about us


A place for everyone who want to take care of environment and believes in Freedom of wealth. Simply buy and hodl BTCE tokens in your wallet. The more you hodl, the more rewards you get. Join the community of over 41% of environmentalists in USA.

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strong security


BTCE Smart Contract is deployed on
Binance Smart Chain

world coverage

World Coverage

BSC blockchain is easily
accessible worldwide

payment options

Payment Options

BTCE can be purchased using any
BEP-20 token through pancakeswap.

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Open Source

We are a community driven, transparent
and open-source project.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Efficient BSC algorithms reduces
transaction costs

high liquidity

High Liquidity

BTCE has same launch price as
Bitcoin in 2009

Eco-friendly Technology

how btce smart contract works?

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Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is the most efficient, fast and secure blockchain due to it's proof-of-stake algorithm which makes it most suitable for BTCE smart contract.

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Fair Mining System

BTCE mining algorithm features fair calculations for every user and rewards them according to the amount of BTCE tokens that they are holding.

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Auto Reward Distribution

Mining rewards are automatically distributed among users if they hodl tokens for at least 12 hours. BTCE features 3 reward types: every 12 hours, every week & every month.

strong security

Increasing rewards & burn mechanism

Rewards increase with amount of holding time. BTCE also features a burn mechanism which can be enabled and disabled for everyone by the owner.

BTCE Reward Calculator

Enter your wallet balance and find out your reward


* Reward only calculated for 12 hours

Social Community

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